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Please complete and sign our registration form. Submit to us via mail or e-mail along with applicable fees.

Annual Registration Fee | $15.00 per student $25.00 per family 


Please refer to our Full Studio Policies Information Sheet for full list of policies.

  • Safety

    • Please notify us in writing of any health concerns

    • Students must remain inside the studio for all rides and pick up

    • Please notify us in writing if anyone other than parents will be picking up students from class

    • Parking is located behind Bergey’s.  Please use care and caution when driving in our parking lot

  • Attire

    • Students must attend class in proper attire

    • Hair must be pulled away from face; buns are required for ballet classes

    • No jewelry or denim should be worn in class

  • Behavior/Etiquette

    • Students should be on time for class ready to DANCE!  Little ones should use the restroom before class

    • It's always a good idea to bring a water bottle to class each week

    • Students must be respectful of fellow classmates, teachers and parents

    • Parents must also be respectful of fellow parents, students and teachers

  • Inclement Weather/Class Cancellation

    • Missed classes due to illness, holidays, inclement weather and personal vacations may be made up in an age appropriate make-up class.  Please email the office to schedule.  No refunds or credits are given for missed classes.

    • In the case of inclement weather we will notify you of cancellations via Facebook, voicemail (please call studio ½ hour before your class time) and through our text message alerts.  Please contact the studio for more info and how to sign up for text alerts.

  • Dance Recital

    • SCDA holds an end of the year dance concert in June

    • Participation is encouraged but not mandatory

    • Requirements for participation include costumes and tickets.  Costumes are non-refundable once ordered.

    • All dates, location, times and particulars are expressed ahead of time so parents are fully informed.

  • Class Observation

    • SCDA has a closed-circuit TV in the Lobby. TV's will be on for parent's viewing pleasure.


  • Our dance season runs from September-June.

  • Tuition and fees are non-refundable.

  • Tuition is based on an annual fee, not on amount of classes per month.  

  • Tuition can be paid in 10 monthly installments, 3 payment option or 1 annual payment. Discounts are given for 3 payment and annual payment, please inquire with the office.

  • Tuition is due by the 7th of each month when paying by 10 installments.

  • Statements/bills are not sent out.  If you receive a tuition invoice via mail or email,  tuition is considered late which will incur a late fee.

  • Late fees will be added by the 10th of the month.

  • Please notify SCDA in writing of withdrawal from class.

10 Monthly Installment: 2018-19 Season:

  • 45 minute and 1 hour class: $55.00

  • 2nd 1 hour class: $53.00

  • 3rd 1 hour class: $51.00

  • 4th 1 hour class: $49.00

  • Any additional hour class: $49.00

  • 1.5 Hour Class: $79.00

  • 2 Hour Class: $90.00